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HDMI Repeater 2.0 , 18Gbps HDMI Reapter Signal Booster Amplifier 4K UHD Female to Female Mini HDMI E

Super Mini HDMI SwitcherMost HDMI devices aren’t particularly small, but our one really stands out in a sea of similar products. It’s a tiny cubical item that could easily fit in your palm or pocket! Literally doesn’t take any space.

HDMI Bi-directional SwitchTwo Way HDMI Switch: Support 2 HDMI-Host (DVD Player, PS4 or others) to 1 HDMI Monitor or TV; Or, 1 HDMI-Host(DVD Player, PS4 or others) to 2 HDMI Monitor or TV

Upgraded HDMI 2.0 VersionUp to 18 Gbps Data Transfer; Max Resolution of 4K@60Hz, while most other HDMI swithes are 1.4V with max Resolution of only 4K@30Hz

Long Distance TransmissionWith input & output up to 5m/16ft AWG26 HDMI standard cable length; Enough for connecting the HDMI switch in one room to the TV or Monitor in another room

Wide ApplicationsSupports UHD 4K, 1080P, 3D .Suitable for Computer, Notebook, XBox 360, XBox One, PS3, PS4, Projectors, DVB receivers, HD-Ready or Full HD TVs, Blu-Ray DVD, etc.